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Technical information
(Revopolo, Psycho, Neuro, Mesh, ...)

Quadline kites made in France by Polokites
to the unit and on order. Each kite is unique and numbered.

The sail is in Icarex® PC31 (polyester spi 31g/yd2 with polycarbonate coating on both sides). The printing is done on white base by dye sublimation.
The hem of the trailing edge is folded twice and sewn with straight stitch. The holding is excellent and facilitates the reverse flight. For the VTD and HVTD versions, the gauze used for the vented zones is both robust and lightweight.
Leading edge and reinforcements:
Dacron® 170g/m2 and gauze.
5 carbon rods FREILEIN® CRYSTAL
The end caps, elastics, stop washers,
etc. are from the brand
FREILEIN®, of excellent quality.
« The feet » are equipped with new
reinforced elastics. The end caps are
compabible with the majority of
Ø 8 mm rods.
Height: 79 cm. Wingspan: 237 cm.

Weight (with carbon Freilein® Crystal )
UL : 194 g. HVTD: 208 g. VTD: 231 g.

Wind ranges
UL: 0 to 2 Bft. HVTD: 2 to 3 Bft. VTD: 3 to 7 Bft.

Recommended lines (not provided with the kite, see catalog)
UL: 50 to 90 lb (25 m). HVTD & VTD: 90 lb (30 m).