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Technical information of Revopolo 1.5 printed

Manufacturing : The Revopolo 1.5 printed is made in Spain by "Los Hermanos Show Kites" under license Revolution® Kites. Each piece is printed (thermal sublimation) and made one by one on command. All the necessary material is supplied by Revolution® Kites.

Each kite is unique and numbered. The number appears on the trailing edge of the right wing under form "#year-number".

Icarex PC31 Sail : Icarex® PC31 - Spinnaker polyester 31g/m2 with polycarbonate coating on the 2 faces.
Icarex® is the polyester fabric the most renowned for its UV resistance, to humidity and to the stretching. The hem of the trailing edge of the sail is twice folded and sewn by straight point. It is the best technique known this day to obtain an excellent holding of the sail for the reverse flight.

Carbon Ultra LightFrame : The 5 rods are in carbon 8 millimeters Ultra-Light 3 wrap of brand Revolution® Kites.

Leading edge and reinforcements : Dacron® 170g/m2.

Chandlery : Caps, bungees, lock washers for the nodes, and bridle are identical to the other models of the rev 1.5 (EXP, SLE, B-series, Bpro-series, etc.) and thus of excellent quality.

Dimensions : Height : 31 ". Width : 93 ".

Weight : UL : 0,39 lb. mid-VTD : 0,41 lb. VTD : 0,43 lb.

Wind ranges : UL : 0 to 2 Bft. mid-VTD : 2 to 4 Bft. VTD : 3 to 7 Bft.

Lines* : UL : 15 to 100 ft / 50 to 90 lb. mid-VTD & VTD : 80 to 130 ft / 90 to 120 lb.

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